January 3rd, 2013


Bakla­va: Sheets of filo, rich­ly endowed with pis­ta­chios or wal­nuts and sweet­ened with sug­ar syrup.
Bird nest: Crispy lay­ers of filo filled with pinenuts and baked to gold­en per­fec­tion.
Ladyfin­gers: Flakey filo dough rolled around ground cashews.
Mamoul: Cook­ie pas­try made of fari­na, sweet­ened with rose­wa­ter, filled with wal­nuts, or dates, or pis­ta­chio nuts.
Bur­ma: Shred­ded filo dough wrapped around pis­ta­chios and baked to a gold­en brown.
Bal­lourie: Light­ly baked shred­ded filo and chopped pis­ta­chio with a hint of rose water.

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